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Benign Breast Conditions


Benign Breast Conditions

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Dr Jose Cid Fernandez

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Most breast problems are not due to malignant conditions, i.e. cancer, but arise in either normal breasts or breasts with so called benign conditions. Benign breast conditions can still cause considerable worry and anxiety. Providing an adequate diagnosis, explanation of the condition, and appropriate treatment, are all key roles of a breast surgeon. As your breast surgeon I can fulfill these roles and help with a range of breast problems including:

  • Benign breast lumps, such as fibroadenomas. These can usually be removed through a hidden incision at the base, or fold, of the breast.
  • Breast pain, also called mastalgia.
  • Breast cysts, papillomas, and a variety of lesions commonly detected by screening mammography. These are fully assessed, and either left alone if safe, or aspirated (cysts) or removed.
  • Breast infections.
  • Nipple discharge. A full assessment of its nature and severity is conducted, with a mammogram and/or breast scan carried out as needed.  For a small proportion, an operation to remove one or all milk ducts behind nipple is required, and this can be done as a day-case procedure through a small incision around part of the edge of the areola.

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